ENCOM ASIA Co.,Ltd. is a trading business partner in the ENCOM Asia Group.  ENCOM specializes in the trade of energy, petroleum and petrochemical commodities. We provide a full one stop service for all trading needs.


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EAS Logistics Co.,Ltd. is part of the ENCOM Asia Group. EAS Logistics ensures that your chemical products reach their final destination safely and on time utilizing our experienced staff and reliable truck transport service.



EAGE Co.,Ltd. is the production business of ENCOM Asia. Our sodium methoxide production and glycerin refineries provide the finest in petrochemical products. EAGE production is safe and environmentally friendly.


Siam Food MartSiam Food Mart Co.,Ltd. is part of the ENCOM ASIA Group focused on the development, retail, and import/export of quality food and beverage products. It is our goal at Siam Food Mart to bring a delicious food experience to our costumer.


  • Even though the company group is still quite young, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and achieve our goal of becoming one of the largest trading corporations in the world.–Encom Asia Group

  • Safe transport and safe production for a satisfied customer–Encom Asia Group

  • Professional, Reliable Traders You Can Trust–Encom Asia Group